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13.04.1967 Warsaw – It Was over 50 years Ago

Written by on April 13, 2017

The Rolling Stones played their first GIG in Poland 50 years ago!

The coffee-table book, entitled The Rolling Stones. “ZZA ŻELAZNEJ KURTYNY” (The Rolling Stones Behind the Iron Curtain) and written by Marcin Sitko, has been out since Nov. 13 and includes reports from those who organized the now legendary event. It has been published by the C2 publishing house.

While the Rolling Stones’ spectacular shows are a major challenge for contemporary concert producers, it all pales in comparison with the tremendous task facing the organizers of the Warsaw concert in 1967, which was the band’s first gig behind the Iron Curtain. When the Stones came to Poland that year, the entire country was swept by a ticket-hunting frenzy, the band damaged their musical equipment in rehearsal and then they were unable to take their royalties out of Poland. The musicians themselves nevertheless have fond memories of the concert, which made music history in Poland. The new book features facts, myths, memories and eyewitness reports of the event.

The British band performed at the Kongresowa Hall in Warsaw April 13, 1967, giving two gigs at 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. The support act was Czerwono-Czarni, a highly popular Polish band at the time. Getting The Rolling Stones to come to Poland and the concert itself were a “heightened risk” operation. Back in the day, The Rolling Stones on tour meant wrecked hotel rooms around the world, crowds of frenzied fans and incidents involving the police. As they arrived in Poland, Mick Jagger and Co. were seen as both the world’s best rock band and a symbol of unconstrained freedom.


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