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Acid Drinkers !

Written by on April 13, 2017

The origins of Acid Drinkers go way back to 21st September 1986 when Tomasz Pukacki met Robert Friedrich after six months without seeing each other, at the Poznań Arena, almost an hour before an Iron Maiden show. Titus explained to Litza the idea of forming a band. They teamed up with guitarist Dariusz Popowicz and drummer Piotr Kuik, who was soon replaced by Maciej Głuchowski.

The earliest repertoire consisted on “Barmy Army” or “Del Rocca”, essential pieces in their current show set-list still. The first incarnation of the band wouldn’t last long: after two months of existence, Titus had to join the Polish army. Meanwhile, Robert Friedrich and Popcorn reactivated their side-project Slavoy, joining Turbo and Wolf Spider respectively shortly afterwards. Titus returned by the late-80’s and resurrected the band, whose stage debut took place on 26th August 1989 in Wroclaw Słodowa Island during a concert entitled “Metal Madness”, with minimal reaction from the crowd. They would share stage during 1989 with Turbo, Wolf Spider and Gomor, recording that year their first demo that featured the future classics “Nagasaki Baby”, “Del Rocca” and “I Mean Acid”. They sent the tape to legendary producer Tomasz Dziubiński, later being offered a record deal by Music for Nations, one of the biggest heavy metal labels in Europe.

They gained considerable popularity and recognition after a memorable show at the Metalmania festival in 1990, attracting attention of music press and metal fans in their home country, becoming one of the most popular metal bands in Poland with successful records like Are You a Lebel?, Fish Dick or The State Of Mind Report.

After the recording of the acclaimed album High Proof Cosmic Milk in 1998, former member Litza left the band, replaced by Guess Why leader Przemysław Wejmann, who would stay in the band for four years of success with albums like Broken Head and the iconic Acidofilia. He presented his resignation in February 2003 due to musical differences. Tomasz Lipnicki took guitar duties, succeeded by Aleksander Mendyk in 2006, who tragically died 2 years later.

They’re to this day considered one of the best, most spectacular popular heavy metal bands in Poland, headlining festivals like Jarocin, Metalmania, Węgorzewo or Przystanek Woodstock.

Won Fryderyk Award (Polish Equivalent of Grammy) in 1998, 2000 & 2004 for Best Hard & Heavy Act.



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