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Written by on February 23, 2018

One of the best Street Punk / Oi! band from Poland. Unfortunately, the band is little known and little appreciated for the great music and inteligent lyrics. The style of music is quite wide. This is a mix of good Oi! with metal elements, or if you prefer hard rock. The band comes from north-western Poland, from the city of Szczecin on the border with Germany. In my opinion, this is the most interesting and best performing band in Poland in recent years (playing this style of music). All band members are very good musicians with extensive experience. The Junkers is distinguished by interesting and mature lyrics. They are not afraid of singing about controversial topics that many are too scared to speak openly about.


Since over thousand years of our history
We were always here with pride and dignity
Fighting for our rights, fighting for our lives
In the sea of blood we were fighting to survive.
On the barricades, on the battlefields
We were bleeding for that land, dying on the streets
Raising flag with pride always head up high
Fighting against evil forces and their bloody lies.

Smashing sickle and the hammer, smashing svastika
Under occupation but still free in their hearts.

These People too many times
had suffered but they made a stand
TO FIGHT!!! …and free their own land

So many uprisings against evil men
Fallen mothers and the children, cry of innocence.
Even when this country dissapeared from the maps
People always had strong resistance in their hearts.
Never surrender and never break down
Like a phoenix from the ashes raising for this land.
You may try to break us down, You can try to kill
We will fight to survive and we’ll always win!”


I asked Dariusz about few things related to the band and the independent music scene:

Poland’s independent scene is recently divided by “political correctness”, the arrangements between bands and publishers, etc. What pisses you the most when you think about it?

In my opinion this is not only Polish problem. It’s happening all over the world ‘couse quite many bands are supporting politics from this or other side. They are trying to banned honest bands like ours from playing shows, publishing music and basically slam the door for existence of this kind of bands. PC is some kind of censorship to me, becouse if You can’t say what You want it means that You are not free anymore and You are just a sheep walking to the slaughterhouse. There are some groups of interests which are making money from music, so they are afraid tyey may lose their position because of many different reasons. After over 20 years of existence in different bands, trully nothing is pissing me off anymore. I think that I’ve seen all kind of shit that people can do to keep their position above the others.

You often sing and express yourself in the interviews “I have chosen this way…”. What is “this way/my way” for you?

I want to be like Sinatra and do it my way – that means I prefer not to play at any shows or not to play any song that is not following my beliefs and my heart. In this band I’m giving no chance to fake attitudes, changing ourselfs for someone else’s requirement. Our music is heavy, full of anger! The same our lyrics but of course with huge procentage of black humour and irony. And if anyone wouldn’t like it… they can just fuck off!

If you could go back in time – what would you change? (associated with your musical activity)

In every step of this band I was making mistakes and learning new things in the same time, so in my opinion it was a good school of life and existence in this business. Only problem – the time is running to fast so if I could have all present experience but have twenty years less in the same time, would be perfect!

In recent years, there are very few young bands playing this style of music. Do you think that the reason for this is the popularity of electronic music, or maybe young people do not want to create any music anymore. Instead they prefer to spend days and nights on the couch playing console games, etc?

Rock music is slowly dying, fashions are changing and mentality of youngsters too. It’s not atractive anymore to have a band which takes a lot of time and energy to work. Music is now more of a product for sale than ever before and have no more identity… It’s complicated to tell about it in few worlds…

Do you play concerts mainly in Poland or do you also play in other countries as well?

A few times we have played abroad: Germany, England, Czech Rep. but mostly in Poland.

Is there a concert / festival where you dream to play?

Yeah, in hell, with all our dead heroes 🙂

What are your plans as a band for this year?

In march we will record 4 of our brand new songs which I’ve wrote in english. Tim Steinford will join us as a backing vocalist and co-producer, so I hope that final result will be extremely good ‘couse all songs are in typical Junkers style – rough, melodic and rocking. In May we will play in Wrocław city on the 5th Breslaw Fest and in June we booked birthday bash of our friend from Malbork city with Agent Buldog, Faul and Lumpex’75. That’s for first half of year…

Any last words?

See You in hell!

You wish! Thanks Dariusz for this interview!

My pleasure!

( Interview conducted on February 23, 2018 by Marcin Talaga )



Dariusz “Synu” Stefański – lead vocal, guitar
Michał “Buciar” Buciarski – drums
Patryk “Patas” Foluszewski – bass guitar, backing vocals
Rafał “Cygan” Kopeć – guitar, backing vocals



Country: Poland

Music Style: Street Punk/ Oi! / Hard Rock




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