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6 months 2 weeks ago

MINISTRY - So what



6 months 3 weeks ago

PŁYTY, PŁYTY, NOWE PŁYTY SO WE WIOSCE! - Świnta ido... przed świntami tyż były nowe płyty.

A na te świnta polecamy najnowszą płytę zespołu KONIEC ŚWIATA "Durny". Już w tej chwili płytę możecie odsłuchać na kanale POLISH RADIO @ UNDERGROUND.FM
[ www.underground.fm/radiochannel/polish ]

Poza tym do działu promocji dołączyły najnowsze nagrania zespołów: BAiKA, oraz materiały z tworzącej się właśnie płyty zespołu LAMIA RENO

Kupujcie płyty - wspierajcie muzyków!


7 months 1 week ago


Dub music is a trip, a travel to distance lands, dimensions, forms, times and states of mind. In musical terms - it is a genre of electronic music that grew out of reggae in the late 1960s. The style consists predominantly of partly or completely instrumental remixes of existing recordings and is achieved by significantly manipulating and reshaping the recordings, usually through the removal of some or all of the vocals, emphasis of the rhythm section (the stripped-down drum-and-bass track is sometimes referred to as a riddim), the application of studio effects such as echo and reverb, and the occasional dubbing of vocal or instrumental snippets from the original version or other works. It was an early form of popular electronic music.

New radio channel: DUBLAND gives us an opportunity to escape from the ordinary. It takes our mind and sole to the save lands and gives us a ralaxing trans into the magic of creation and nature. Take this trip @ www.underground.fm/radiochannel/dub/


4 years 3 weeks ago

ROBERT BRYLEWSKI - one of the GREATEST polish punk, reggae, rock musician and composer died today. It is a very sad day for polish independent music scene.

He was know from bands like: Brygada Kryzys, Israel, Armia and many many more. To the end true to his style and believes!

UNDERGROUND.FM is with Sylwia Pająk and 47 others.

4 years 2 months ago


If NO - please read!

This project is fully INDEPENDENT and FREE. We do not get any financial support. Also all the work is done for free, motivated by the passion for music and the will to promote it.

The only "pay" we get is - to know that YOU GUYS like what we do and that you support us!

One way to do this is your help with promoting this service! Anyone can share this page with friend, LIKE it, talk about us, SHARE our posts (like this one). More likes and outcome from You we see - more it makes sense to do what we do. It only takes a few moments to help us out - please do what You can to bring more people, bands, great music and art to this project.

You are welcome to write your own articles and post it and to promote your music with us. You will find all the information on www.underground.fm

THANK YOU - to everyone who supports us!!!


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