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Spirit of 69 – book

Written by on December 29, 2017

Spirit of 69 – A skinhead bible is dedicated to the Glasgow Spy Kids skinhead crew.
The book was written by George Marshall with help of hundreds of other skinheads around world. George Marshall was editor of skinhead newspaper, Skinhead Times from 1991 to 1995. Spirit of 69 – A skinhead Bible has also publis in German, Portuguese, French and Polish.


George Marshall, a Skinhead from Glasgow, Scotland, released his master piece in 1994 titled Spirit of 69: A Skinhead Bible. Explaining the rise of the Skinhead movement in England. Talking about the early days of the skinheads, and the adoptation of Jamaican music, to the glorious days of Oi!. Spirit of 69: A Skinhead bible is based on his personal stories, getting in contact with some of the people that lived the ‘Skinhead Days’. A very good book if you want to know about the skinhead culture. The term ‘Spirit of 69’ was first said by the gang Glasgow Spy Kids from Scotland. A crew that Marshall use to be part of. After the release of the book ‘Spirit of 69’ became a worldwide term for the Skinheads from the early days that listen and danced to Reggae music. Marshall also released a continuation of this book, best known as ‘Skinhead Nation’. Did not make much success as well as Spirt of 69, but it quickly sold out. Some people follow step by step what the book says, and turning into what Skinhead is. Some forget that is just a personal experience, and he calls him self ‘NOT a skinhead god’. But apparently a lot of people skipped those pages. The book is fantastic, if you really want to know about the Skinhead cult, make sure have some time to read all 176 pages of this book. Marshall talks about all of the aspects of the culture from politics to music to even fashion in a no nonsense down to earth way where you feel he could be talking to you.


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